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About us

CCA Innovations is a team of commercial specialists that have worked across a number of emerging markets with a focus on IP Monetization and creating new opportunities for innovative technology. Our passion has always been the game changers. Whether undervalued technology looking for new uses and markets, or organizations in need of a turn-around, CCA Innovations has always been able to deliver growth.

CCA is currently providing consulting services for a number of customers including multiple seed-stage companies.

CCA Innovations was founded by Casey S. Potenzone after a sequence of successful turn-arounds and new ventures. Casey is a a seasoned technologist with a passion for pioneering applications and business models, Casey Potenzone’s expertise spans product & IP development, growth, and strategic leadership. His extensive experience has equipped him with the skills to navigate and drive innovation in diverse and competitive markets. Casey’s dedication to technological advancement, combined with his commercial insight, has consistently contributed to business growth and evolution across varied sectors.

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