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High Touch, digital first strategies

all selling has gone digital

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for the relationship. High touch and strategic sales still win, but they can’t win by themselves. Whether you read Gartner, McKinsey or Forrester, they all say the same thing: Covid accelerated the transition of nearly every approach to sales to being heavily dominated by digital. Buyers still spend time on the purchase path, but most hours are spent online and not in meetings. Vendors fight for a precious few hours.

Learn how to get better at winning those fights, and how a well orchestrated high touch, digital first sales and GTM strategy moves contracts.

Towards a transparent and circular supply chain

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GTM & Commercial Strategy

Covid accelerated what was already happening to sales: the domination of digital. High touch and relationship based selling are still some of the most impactful approaches, but they must be integrated with a digital first strategy.


Better Online Coverage
More Revenue

Speaking of sustainability

Software has the power of exponential impact and the potential to radically change the environmental footprint of the fashion and apparel industry. Casey presents to the International Apparel Federation (IAF) how the power of software can help bring sustainability and supply chain traceability to the fashion industry.

Modern Commerce

The year 2020 restricted our ability to socialise, work, travel, and shop the way we used to. The impact on commerce was unprecedented. The pandemic accelerated shift from in-store to digital sales. Out of necessity, customers and sellers swiftly moved purchases online, rewriting the retail playbook for the foreseeable future.

Technology of record

Addressing the sustainability conundrum of modern retail: The fashion and apparel sectors have a serious waste problem. In fact, the fashion industry and related sectors contribute 10 per cent of all carbon emissions worldwide, according to the World Economic Forum.

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